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Price. £74,950
Year.  1954.
Colour.   White.
Interior.  Red.
Transmission.  Automatic.
Special features.  Super rare.
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Chevrolet Corvette - 1954. America’s 1st true sports car.
Iconic, super rare, 13 year restoration. Now out of recent storage. 7. 5k recently spent with complete gearbox rebuild, Starter and charging system overhaul, complete fuel system rebuild due to fuel degradation including cars rebuilt, new fuel pump etc. New battery plus much more. All done as car was stored in a private collection and not used.

This absolutely stunning, very rare and iconic car, known as America’s 1st true production sports convertible, has been restored to concours standard several years ago, over a 13 year period. The ‘54 is within months of the 1st ever Corvette produced in December ‘53. Also with the original all matching numbers, famous 6 cylinder Blue Flame engine. Chevrolet moved onto what is now known as the small block V8 some 12 months later. Only the Corvette had tripple sidedraft carb set up. As such, items like the twin air cleaner set up, which is exclusive to this car. The numbers matching brass serial tags on each carburettor are 100 dollars each!! The original Wonderbar self seeking radio was sent back to the states to be restored to full working order, as there was just one of the very few men in the world willing to do it, this cost a small fortune. Every small detail has been researched and restored to original spec. Hence the 13 year project. The history file contains down to chassis photos and some rare literature. In recent years the car has been maintained by a well known Corvette guru, who has been the custodian of this special car over the last several years. In return for his care by way of a thank you, he took to several shows including the NEC. Every show this stunning Corvette won Best in show, several times over. There are only Three other examples known to be in the UK. There is so much detail and owner’s information, it is just too much to include in an advert. The car is only driven in dry conditions and drives superb especially now the more recent work has been done. We request only serious enquiries, please this car was for sale 3 years at £82450 on behalf of the owner, since then approx 7. 5k has been spent and over the last 3 years pieces have rocketed in the USA. with 125000 dollar price tags for like for like cars are common place. Now offered at 7. 5k cheaper than 3 years ago. We are happy to answer sensible questions. We are happy to provide covered transport at cost. Uk. delivery can be arranged, and part exchange is currently considered on this Chevrolet Corvette.

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                      JAGUAR XKR.
Price. £11,950
Year.  2002.
Colour.   Black.
Interior.  Cream.
Transmission.  Automatic.
Special features.  A great luxury, powerful and comfortable touring car.
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Registered new in October 2002, this must be one of the first XKRs with the 4. 2-litre engine. Formerly owned by Alliance & General Leasing, believed to be the Directors Car back in 2003.
Supplied by Jaguar Grange of Exeter 2002.
Changed Hands to Alliance & General Leasing by Jaguar Grange of Exeter.
1. Serviced by Jaguar on 20. 10. 03 at 4, 027
2. Serviced by Jaguar on 20. 10. 04 at 15, 150.
3. Serviced by Jaguar on 22. 09. 05 at 21, 978.
4. Serviced by Jaguar on 12. 09. 06 at 32, 277
5. Serviced by Jaguar on 20. 09. 07 at 40, 989
6. Serviced by Jaguar on 04. 09. 12 at 50, 193
7. Serviced by Jaguar on 13. 08. 13 at 54, 978
8. Supplied and Fitted by Jaguar Road Badge on 26. 09. 14 at cost of £75. 84
9. Full Service carried out and Independent garage on 14. 10. 14 at 58, 548 at cost of £180
10. Various Works carried out by Jaguar on 20. 03. 15 at 63, 482 costing £685. 49
11. Supplied and Fitted Door Latch at Jaguar on 28. 07. 15 at cost £308. 18
12. Supplied and Fitted N/ Stk Switch-Perf at Jaguar on 17. 06. 15 at cost of £88. 02
13. Serviced by Jaguar on 23. 10. 15 at 65, 937
14. Visual Health Check Carried out by Jaguar at 23. 10. 15 at 65, 937
15. Various Works carried out by Jaguar on 23. 10. 15 at 65, 937 at cost of £249
16. Serviced by Jaguar on 11. 10. 16 at 68, 728
17. Various Works carried by independent garage on 11. 10. 16 at 68, 725 at cost of £189. 60
18. Full Service carried out and Independent garage on 01. 05. 19 at 72, 522 (see invoice, this included ABS sensor and steering rack gaiter, full set of plugs and oil) totalling £569. 67
19. Washer Pump and other parts replaced at 19. 05. 20 at 73, 801 at cost of £178. 45.
20. O2 Sensor replaced at 30. 03. 21 at 74, 542 at cost of £269. 92
21. Four New Pirelli P Zero’s 20inch fitted 10. 10. 21 at cost of £960
22. Recent New MOT showing zero advisories similar to all it’s previous MOT’s. 
All four wheels are in excellent condition, and have recently been fitted with new Pirelli P-Zero tyres all round.
The condition of the interior is what really sets the car apart. It all looks immaculate, and this is clearly a car that has been carefully looked after throughout its life. The carpets have been protected by overmats, and are as clean and tidy as the rest of the interior, as are both door panels. The radio and satnav both work, as do the electric windows. The centre console contains a time-warp built-in phone, which seems to work but needs a SIM card.
The car starts on first turn of the key, and runs smoothly on tick-over. Gear Changes from the auto gearbox are quick and quiet, with no untoward noises. 
The car steers quickly and accurately, and the brakes bring it to a halt on a sixpence (it’s recently had new brake discs and branded XKR calipers, at considerable expense). 
The XKR is a particular favourite of ours. Fantastic for touring, a great luxury powerful and comfortable car with classic styling. Our example in Black and Cream is ready to go and be enjoyed.

                   MERCEDES 500SL.
Price.  £12,750 ono.
Year.  2002.
Colour. Silver.
Interior. Dark grey.
Transmission.  Automatic.
Special features.  Low miles.  Immaculate.
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 Genuine low mileage of just 47, 582
* High specification
* Full service history and long MOT?
The SL has always been a capable and elegant grand tourer, but with the R230 Mercedes really made the segment their own. Adding a retractable hardtop to the SL made it, quite probably, the finest all-round GT car on the market.
This example has been beautifully cared for and is presented with an extensive service history, in a graceful colour scheme and with an excellent specification.
* MOT to July 2023
* Private registration plate included worth approx 1k. ??LOK
* Full Mercedes service history to 2020
* Independent service history from 2020-2022
* Receipts and invoices for maintenance carried out
* Original owner’s handbooks
* Just over 1, 000 miles covered in current ownership
* £3, 000 spent in maintenance since March 2021
* 4 new Uniroyal correct size radial just fitted done 10 miles.
* Two-tone grey leather upholstery
* Hands-free Parrot aftermarket phone system
* Parking sensors front and rear factory extra .
* CD/ Radio/ Navigation system
* 3-Memory electrically adjustable, heated seats
* Dual zone climate control
* Electric windows and mirrors
* Wind deflector?
* overmats.


Like all SLs, this car is beautifully appointed and finished to a high standard and specification. Two-tone grey leather swathes the seats, door cards, transmission tunnel and dashboard. The rear anti roll bar functions correctly and there is the factory wind deflector.
With complementary grey carpets and Mercedes over-mats in the cabin, which are all in fine condition, it makes for a comfortable, cosseting and luxurious place to spend time. With all the toys and gadgets this SL has you’ll not want for anything, regardless of how long the journey is.
At the back there is a good size boot space, even with the retractable hardtop stowed. It’s in very good condition, with undamaged carpeting. Under the floor panel there is a spacesaver spare wheel.
The Silver paintwork is excellent and any tiny stone chips have been touched in and you would be hard pushed to even find them.
* Recently refurbished AMG alloys. These alloys which were a factory extra are the genuine AMG 18 inch alloys as fitted standard to an SL55. We have put on new tyres all round as the side walls had started to crack.


The abc suspension system has been checked and re checked and is functioning exactly as it should.
That 5-litre V8 is an incredible engine, driving the rear wheels and offering a mighty 302bhp / 460Nm. It gives the SL500 fantastic performance and effortless overtaking ability, making it a perfect long-distance grand tourer. 

                RENAULT DAUPHINE.
Price.  £10,450
Year.  1962.
Colour.  Black.
Interior. .  Deck chair striped.
Transmission.  Manual.
Special features.   Sup[er original, low miles classic.
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1962 Renault Dauphine is in first class condition. Very low mileage 30. 000 klm approx 20, 000 miles. 3 speed Ferlec manual transmission making it so easy to drive as makes it semi automatic. A rare factory addition and its so easy with no clutch pedal.. Recently had new brakes all round, tires, shock absorbers, 6v battery, inc isolator switch. Recent engine overhaul including cylinder head and valve work, Now runs lovely and is on the button.

The interior is so of its time and is in excellent condition. Headlining is as new. The deckchair stripe upholstery to the seats and door cards is excellent, Very little wear. The ever flex flooring again is superb. All the Ivory plastic switches and handles etc are excellent. Considering this whole car is super original with no bling chrome add ons etc its in amazing condition.

The exterior is the same , super original and remonstrative of a well looked after low mileage original classic. Yes it has a couple of minor scuffs One being a scratch on drivers side due to an argument with an equally old Jukebox. But make no mistake this car is solid with no rust issues and the Black paintwork shines up a treat. The bright work is all in good shape, only the rear bumper has some pitting and may at some stage want a re-chrome . The boot space upfront is where a Dauphine of this age would have issues if its a bad One , needless to say this One is very good indeed. No nasty patches etc just all original metal and is super clean and houses a new 6 Volt battery. All switches, lights and gauges appear to operate exactly as they should.  Engine and engine bay are very clean. There are no leaks of any fluids to be seen . On the road with its floor electronic gear change its a doddle to drive and performs really well. These Dauphines both here and on the continent much like its predecessor the 4CV are becoming a very rare sight at shows and on the road. Most have either rotted away or sit in private collections gaining in value as they become scarcer. This One should be used and be seen and not become another to sit in a museum. Its mechanically excellent after a fare bit of recent work, together with its originality and quirky interior and features such as the side vents etc its a great car for the shows etc that won’t break the bank. With excellent UK club and parts availability.

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                     TRIUMPH TR3A.
Price.  £25,950
Year.  1958.
Colour.  Green.
Interior.  Black..
Transmission.  Manual.
Special features  Nut & bolt re-build, from chassis up.
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Triumph TR3a 1958. A complete chassis up nut and bolt rebuild finished in 2021. When we say chassis up in this case a brand new “Old stock factory chassis came available So this was purchased , so literally Chassis up and all recorded in various pics along the way . Showing new floorpans, new boot floor , new back scuttle and lots of new panels and repair panels . All welded in properly. The car was rebuilt with touring in mind and some fantastic upgrades have been made to make this car not only show standard to look at but be able to tour anywhere. Indeed its 1st trip was the NC500 where it performed faultlessly. Not a drop of oil or water leaked , a testament to a quality build.
New spoke wheels fitted only this March.
New sills, all new floors including boot. New rear panel. New side panels. Ect ect ect. New wiring loom. New petrol tank.
All epoxy primed and sealed while the tub was upside down. Thousands and thousands of pounds spent.
interior trim is all new with new " modern classic" seats which are much more comfortable without putting MX5 ones in, which seems to be common. Derrington steering wheel. Boot rack.
New tonneau cover. The hood frame is in place and has been refurbed . There is a vinyl hood but it isn’t great and has never been used, but will come with the car as are the side screens, same story never been used and could do with fettling to make good, but they are with the car. The windscreen is detachable via 4 Zeus fasteners , to reveal the ultimate touring look with Brooklands Aero screens. If standard look is required windscreen back on in minutes and re attach the stainless wipers and your good to go . Lovely little period mirror attached to the aero screens too, . Both speedo and taco were sent off and re calibrated , to be honest still not spot on so an electronic Digital satellite speedo has been fitted , along with map light and2 x USB port , should sat nav be needed.
With the rebuilt engine and overdrive on the Dolomite gearbox she'll easily cruise the outside lane no bother at all. Also, surprisingly economical.
Thousands of pounds spent to make a reliable car for local or long distance touring. Completely rewired and P700 halogen lights fitted. All the brake lines were replaced in polished copper.
You don't need a trailer for this one. Turn the key, press the button and drive to Monaco!
Modifications from standard as follows:
Polybushed suspension
Seat belts

High Torque Starter motor
Oil filter spin on conversion
Rack n pinion steering RHD
Clutch cross shaft modified/ strengthened.
New modern Alternator
Negative Earth.
Electric Thermostat fan switch
Thin belt/ pulley kit upgrade
87mm pistons
Unleaded Head
TR4 3 degree front suspension.
Stainless steel exhaust
Modern Heater
Dolomite 4 synchro gearbox. with overdrive in 2nd, 3rd and 4th
USB socket X 2
Tripod H4 halogen headlights.
Car is still as clean underneath as on top and could quite easily be made to look alot more stock , ie front bumper , which we have but needs a refurb or a new one, if thats the road you want to go. But to summarise this car is not only show standard to look at , its been built to drive , with all upgrades kept under the skin as it were. The money and time that has been spent is huge and much of it documented , with 1000s of pounds worth of parts alone. A fantastic classic to show and tour with..

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Price.  £31,450
Year.  1931.
Colour.  Washington blue.
Interior.  Tan.
Engine size.  
Transmission. Manual.
Special features.  Model A deluxe, rarest version.
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Last two years of the Model A’s Production, the Deluxe Phaeton represented the top of the line and offered the pinnacle in sporting design, with a 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Phaeton

One of the rarest and most desirable Model A’s produced, presented in Washington Blue with Riviera Blue belt line and Tacoma Cream strip and wheels. Subject to engine overhaul in June of 2020 at a cost of £2, 037 in2020. Part of an impressive collection and now offered for sale.

The Model A’s introduction was a highly anticipated event, as Ford proved that it had perfected the art of effective product placement in one of the most successful new product launches in automotive history. The Ford Model A was manufactured between 1928 and 1931 and was the second huge success for Ford after its predecessor. The Model A was offered in a wide variety of body styles and was the first Ford to incorporate the standard set of driver controls with a conventional clutch, brake pedal, accelerator and gearshift. The engine was a water cooled in-line four cylinder arrangement with a capacity of 3. 3 litres. With a conventional three speed gearbox, (plus reverse), the top speed was around 65mph. Stopping was by four wheel drum brakes operated by rods. Manufactured in the lower roofline. Perhaps one of the most desirable Model A variants, out of the 4, 858, 644 Model A’s manufactured, only 2, 229 were manufactured in the final year. To put into perspective, these cars are one in 2180, or as a percentage, these cars represented 0. 00046% of model A’s. Nowadays not many remain worldwide.

Presented in Washington Blue with Riviera Blue belt line and Tacoma Cream strip and wheels, BF 7219 was restored to a very high standard some 45 years ago. As the story goes, the car was transported from concours event to event over a 30 year period covering a mere 200 miles (presumably just positioning the car). It was then sold to the next enthusiastic owner in River Falls, Wisconsin and he covered around 700 miles before it headed to the UK in 2015 for the princely sum of $65, 000 where it spent the summer receiving numerous awards on the show field before being purchased by its current owner that year, who has since kept the vehicle as part of a private collection. This deluxe has twin side mount wheels, deluxe side lights, deluxe wind deflector glass, Luggage rack with period luggage, Beautiful chrome search light which all functions and works, stainless footplates, tonneau cover, stainless spare wheel covers, stainless radiator stone guard, electric wipers, and so much more. American column mounted indicators have been fitted. This is truly one beautiful car that is mechanically and cosmetically excellent.

Trailered transport offered at cost anywhere in the UK.

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Price.  £9,950
Year.  1972.
Colour.  Tartan Red.
Interior.  Red/Black.
Engine size.  
Transmission. Manual.
Special features.  Desirable round wheel arch model.
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Tartan Red MG Midget-1972- Desirable Round wheel arch model. The Red paintwork is in excellent order with no issues. The gaps and panels are all as they should be. The Black convertible hood and foldable frame are in excellent condition. There is a half tonneau for when the roof is down. The chrome is mostly very good save for a small amount of pitting on the rear 1/ 4 bumpers. The chrome wire wheels really set the look off. They are shod with quality radials which haven't done many miles. The Red interior is all very good. There is the addition of veneer door cappings and dash facia. The matching carpets are all very good. The gauges all appear to function as they should, these are a full set of matching cream fronted period Smiths gauges. The boot space is fully carpeted including the spare wheel cover. Mechanically the engine is sweet as a pea. Ticks over lovely and accelerates thru the gears just as it should. We have recently fitted electronic ignition as so much more reliable and efficient. Also has just had a brake overhaul including flex hoses, wheel cylinders etc. On the road this little midget is great fun to drive.
Trailered transport offered at cost.


Our proven commission sale or return program, is a fantastic way to utilise and access our professional services and facilities, while still maximising the return from your vehicle, with minimal stress, hassle and time.  If you would like to take advantage of this, then please do get in touch with us, for further information.  Alternatively, if you would like to move your vehicle on quickly and efficiently, without the issues involved in selling, eg. advertising, laborious viewing sessions with supposedly  'interested' individuals etc, then we can make an offer on an outright purchase basis, with payment and collection arranged soon after.


We are always excited to hear about any interesting classic vehicles, from all eras, and would be pleased to consider your current classic, should you wish to do a part exchange with us.

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Price.  £9,250
Year.  1968.
Colour.  British racing green.
Interior.  Black, white piping.
Engine size.  
Transmission. Manual.
Special features.  A very nice and original Austin Healey Sprite, in excellent condition.
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Brg paintwork in very good condition after being fully restored in 2001 but standing the test of time very well , Always garaged and used for shows and local touring. In the history file there are pics of the restoration. The chrome work is also in very good condition. Original Lucas headlamps are complemented with period Lucas fog lights. There is a full tonneau cover with centre zip and a half tonneau cover for when the roof is down. Both the hood and the frame are in excellent condition. The original steel wheels again are in good order and are shod with radials which havent done many miles. The original AH chrome wheel trims are in excellent order. The interior is vey nice with no heavy wear anywhere. The Black seats with white piping have recently been refurbished and look as new. The original spoke steering wheel is nice to see.

This Sprite has always been maintained very well and has been motd each year even though not needed. This was done upto 2019/ 20. Recently a full stainless exhaust has been installed. The history file is extensive and has receipts going back to mid 1980s , approx 1 inch thick of paperwork in the file.

This is a very nice and original Healy Sprite in British Racing Green. Drives very well around the country lanes.​