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It's an exciting time when you decide that you wish to purchase, and consequently, invest in a classic car.  It can also become a quiet daunting one, once you start your search,, as we know from our own experience!  You can take yourself all over the British Isles and Europe, in search of 'that particular one', the one that will stir up your emotions like love at first site; only to discover that the seller's description of the vehicle was far from the 'beauty queen' that he had, in his own mind, quiet innocently given you a true description of.


We understand that a lot of time and thought must be spent, making the decision to finally purchase your 'little piece of time'.With this in mind, we aim  to provide you, our customer, with as much information and history on the classic pieces we present for sale, whilst giving an honest and open account of the vehicle's condition etc. Available on our website is a presentation of cars that we currently have for sale.  We endeavour to provide as much information about each classic vehicle that we advertise, along with a more 'in depth' series of detailed photographs, therefor providing interested buyers with a better indication of whether they wish to make an appointment to view. 


We are very proud of the standard of cars we sell, and we take great pleasure in showing  them off, along with detailed photographs of their 'most intimate bits', in all their glory!  We wish to advise our customers, that any reference made by ourselves, in respect of a vehicle's mileage, cannot be guaranteed, an important point worth noting whilst searching for your classic car.

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