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Belvoir classic cars, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Uk.
Who we are, and what we do.
The classic cars we like to present to you!
The Fiat 500 classic.

'Little boys and their toys, their trains, planes and automobiles!  As children, we all find our own passions, hobbies and interests, and for some, these can be the moulding of their future, as it was for myself.  I have held a passion for virtually anything on wheels for over 40 years. I admire the glamour of the 50s classics, am captured and intrigued by the

nostalgic 1940s automobiles, and hold in deep regard the classic 1960s motor cars, which to this day evoke fond child hood memories.....  Summertime drives with mum and dad, in the olive green  MGB GT.  We would travel around Britain's country lanes, where my parents would stop off for a 'quick half' at a beautiful country pub, and me and my brother would have lemonade and a packet of crisps each! Out for a pic-nic in my grand parents' Austin Cambridge, I can still remember the smell and shiny smooth feel of those red leather seats, to this day.  Enjoying a ride in my friend's parents' Fiat 500D, with those memorable suicide doors!  I am certainly showing my age!   Ahh, such wonderful times...

Holding those such memories of all those beautiful cars, consequently lead to an almost 'obsessive' seeking out, and collecting of prime example, classic cars. Although not always popular with the wife, I soon built up such a collection of adorable classic cars, it just became a natural progression to turn my passion into a business.  Over the years, along with my family, I have experienced so much pleasure and joy from the hugely diverse collection of cars that I have been privileged to own, including becoming owner/driver of a racing car! 


We at Belvoir classic cars, travel all over the British Isles and Europe in search of cars that reach a particular standard, and have that 'classic charisma'!  We strive to source superb quality classic cars, that we would like to personally own, and take great pride in 'showing them off ' to you our customer!

As you will see from our 'Previous Aquisistions' section, our taste in cars is quiet varied, and we aim to offer a broad spectrum of interesting, 'pleasing to the eye', classics. Focusing on several eras and manufacturers, we like to include purpose built, leisure vehicles, and quiet simply put, 'stand and stare' classic cars!


Be it the vintage cars of  the 1920s ,where the early morning rise for work was started with a 'good old work out' winding the car up, or the glamour of the 1950s bringing us  the likes of Belairs and Cadillacs, we love them all!  


In 2013, Fiat launched its new range of the Fiat 500, which was designed  to portray the spirit of the Fiat 500 that was so immensely popular inthe1960s. The Fiat was marketed with headlines that included ‘Ace', 'You dig'? and ‘Far out’, evoking the memories of that ‘chilled out vibe’ presented by the children of the 1960s and 70s.  This in turn, has evolved into making the original Fiat 500 an even more attractive and collectable proposition, prompting enthusiasts and such like, to wisely add to their private collections.  Once we became aware of the rapidly increasing popularity of the little original Italian gem, we made it our focus to acquire particularly outstanding models, to include in our impressive sales portfolio. Sourcing nice examples proved to be a frustrating process, in light of the original Fiat's newfound popularity, and so we took the decision to search further a field for this increasingly popular classic. This bought us to the present, where we now, regularly import superb original Fiats direct from Italy, and consequently treat them like 'gold dust'! 

Once a Fiat arrives with us in the United Kingdom, we deal with all the necessary paperwork involved in registering the car as a Uk.vehicle, and in doing so, relieving our customers of this sometimes, complex and frustrating task!   We also ensure that the car is issued with a full one year MOT. We aim to carry a good selection of the original Fiat 500s, alongside our portfolio of other stunning and desirable classics.

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