Renault 4cv-1950- Imported into the UK in 2004 with a collection from a motor museum in Holland with a few other similar vehicles. Sold by Bonhams at Beaulieu. Thereafter the owner took it from a museum quality car that had stood indoors being admired to a restored example. New paint in original colour to replace the faded paint. The primrose Yellow colour really does suit this car. The paint and bodywork remain in fantastic condition. With the Art Deco styled grilles and the unusual shape floor pan and suicide opening doors the look and stance are to die for . 1950 !!! amazing !

The Two piece wheels colour coded are shod with fairly new Michelin radials which have done very few miles. The Renault 4cv was used very successfully on the rally circuit. From the wide wheel and squat stance you can see why.

Interior has had a full refurbish, including headlining. The iconic early metal dash is just awesome and so of its time. This is a very early one as production didn't really start till 1948. The Renault unsurprisingly runs fantastic on the road and benefits from recently having an electronic distributor fitted. original is with the car too.

These 4CV s are now bringing very strong money all over Europe with nice examples being 15-20k regularly. They are different and much admired with very good spares availability and a very helpful club here in there UK. My example is polished and ready to go at a price that personally I think is way too low. They are now very hard to find nice ones and it won't get any easier. Most are now returning to places like Holland once again.

Trailered transport at cost if needed. Part ex welcome for similar high standard classics.